Anita Thomas - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
1:15 pm
Board Room

Camera & Quill

Anita Thomas* and Neil Daswani*

* Indicates that the speaker will be participating at the Festival via Zoom


Singapore-based Anita Thomas applies a range of creative disciplines to her storytelling. Her recent book Camera & Quill, an art-poetry collaboration with Neil Daswani, is a collection of thirty one of her photographs interpreted in
poetry by Neil, who brings his own perspective to the images. Published in January 2021, Camera & Quill was featured in the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) Shorts in Jaipur (February 2021) and in Colorado (October 2021).

Her earlier book, Senserly, Amako – which she wrote and illustrated – was launched in Singapore in January 2018 at the ASEAN INDIA PBD Writer’s Festival. A firm believer in experimenting with an idea, she used illustrations, episodic text, a soundtrack, animation, comic strip panels – and a helium-inflated floating shark – in the telling of the story. Her book was featured in the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) in Singapore and in Creative Practice in a Connected World in Australia, held by APWT, Asia Pacific Writers & Translators. The book led to workshops at The Hindu LitforLife festival in India, as well as for children and parents of United World College of SE Asia, Singapore.

Anita’s career began with advertising and film in J. Walter Thomson. Her production house Moving Pictures handled TV commercials and documentaries. In addition to consulting on scripts and production, Anita has written extensively for corporate clients and non-profit organisations in the fields of advertising, design and public relations.

Anita designed, co-owns and maintains SingaporeforKids (2004 – present), a website for Singapore residents and visitors, crafted around the importance of making informed choices.