Anupamaa V - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
5:15 pm

A Woman’s Work: The Personal and The Professional

Anvita Sudarshan, Aparna Devagiri, Anupamaa V, Manisha Mohan Puri with Sajita Nair


Corporate lawyer and Advocate. Entrepreneur Co- founder, Managing Partner, Non-Executive Director, and Trainer.

Passion driven professional entrepreneur, over 2 decades as a corporate lawyer and over 15 years as a partner and managing partner. Possesses a sharp acumen and in-depth legal knowledge in various branches of corporate laws. Passionately believes in equitable, respectful, inclusive and bias free workplaces, which resulted in the founding of UCS. Possesses excellent leadership and communications skills, and in-depth knowledge in Industrial Psychology. A certified mediation and negotiation expert. An ICF certified organisation development coach (Symbiosis-USA). A professional mentor and guide to many. A Non-Executive Director on boards for legal compliance and strategic business structuring advice from an independent advisor perspective, supporting and advising the boards on overall management of the company. A Chief Trainer at UCS, to help organisations nurture the growth of respectful workplaces and see employees grow, and grow organisations.