Dominic Franks - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Dominic Franks graduated from Bangalore Medical College. His passion for sports led him to give up his career in medicine and join a premier sports channel. In September 2010, he decided to go on a cross-country bicycle journey from Bangalore to New Delhi to witness the Commonwealth Games. Nautanki Diaries is his first published book that chronicles the 2250 km journey on an ‘agricultural/doodhwallah’ cycle. ‘It’s Not About the Cycle’—winner of Best Adventure Film at the 2017 Toronto Beaches Film Festival—stars Nautanki, his bicycle, the central character of Nautanki Diaries.

Currently, he is working on producing his first documentary feature about human-animal relationships against the backdrop of the 2014 Supreme Court ruling banning Jallikattu.

When not working to travel, or travelling on work, Franks holes up in Bengaluru where he lives, laughs and loves.