Jimmy Xavier - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Jimmy has been in the radio business for close to 17 years now. He started off as a freelancer with All India Radio Bangalore in 2001 after a somewhat failed attempt at doing a software job. He then got entagled in the web of private radio. He went to Chennai and was part of the launch them of Radio Mirchi there in 2002. He worked as a show producer there before being given the responsibility of launching the Bangalore Radio Mirchi station in 2006. He hired, trained and launched the Radio Station here. Through all of this his passion has been to be on air. He then joined another Radio Station in Bangalore to host the morning show. He has played multiple roles of programming head of a single station to the zonal programming head of the south. He has also been the head of Client Solutions, South creating campaigns for clients that leveraged the strength of radio.

For the last 2 years he has gone back to his passion. Hosting a show on air. He currently hosts the morning show on Mirchi 95 FM. You can hear him on air starting everyday at 7am