Shikhandin - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Shikhandin is an Indian writer who writes for children as well as grownups. She was a winner in The Children First Contest curated by Duckbill in association with Parag and initiative of Tata Trust  India, and the prize-winning book “Vibhuti Cat” was published by Duckbill Books. Prior to that, Speaking Tiger published a collection of stories by her – “Immoderate Men.” She has won some prizes for her fiction and poetry in India and abroad. And her poems and stories have been widely published across the globe. She has grown up children. But no pets at present, which makes her sad. So she keeps making up stories about animals and birds among other things.  She would love to meet a real live ghost one day, and also wizards, witches and unicorns. She believes multi-tasking would be easier if humans had long prehensile tails.