Vikram Limsay - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
10:00 am

Revisiting The Educational Heritage Of India

Sahana Singh and Mohandas Pai with Vikram Limsay


Vikram Limsay, CEO of Helicon Consulting is a sought-after business & strategic advisor & a thought leader. Reputed as an “Applied Business Strategist” because of his practical & implementable insights, he is routinely engaged by global transnational’s & Indian corporations to futureproof their strategy and operations. He is also the Managing Director of ProCycle & Sports India a well-known integrated sports & active lifestyle company that is into retail, distribution, media.

A first generation entrepreneur for the last two decades he began his career 30 years ago in the prestigious Tata Administrative Service (TAS) cadre of the Tata Group. Aside from mainline business, he has been the consulting editor of the Dalal Street Investment Journal a premier investment media and has been associated with governance & academic committees of prestigious educational institutions like the Symbiosis Skill University & Jagdish Seth School of Management (formerly IFIM). His channel on YouTube #CareerTainment is a popular career resource channel for professional managers, entrepreneurs, and students.

A speaker at many fora his writings are routinely carried by leading journals & leading national media on economy, public policy, society and business. He offers a unique insight often contrarian to commonly accepted beliefs perspective that stem from his medley of experiences that include professional, entrepreneurial, academic and media.

An avid multi sports, yoga & active lifestyle enthusiast he lives in Bangalore India and gathers his world view through reading and exciting travels.