Vittal Shenoy - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
1:30 pm

Elle Illada Kalpane | ಎಲ್ಲೆ ಇಲ್ಲದ ಕಲ್ಪನೆ : Fiction Without Boundaries

Shantala Anil and Vittal Shenoy


Vittal Shenoy is a Software Architect working for a MNC in Bangalore. Mangalorean by birth, he finished his engineering in Mysore and has been working in Bangalore based corporate companies for the last 27 years. He had also lived a few years in the USA & UK on work deputation.

Being an avid movie buff, he first tried his hands at writing through movie scripts which never saw the lights of a cinema projector (At least until now!). After writing half dozen screenplays he decided to try Kannada literature with a hope that his fictional stories would reach at least a few readers. After testing waters through his experimental humor-essay book titled ‘Paarivalagalu’, he then tried a psychological thriller ‘Taalikoteya Kadanadalli’ which received rave reviews from the readers. His third book containing short stories ‘Hulivesha’ connected well with the small reader group he built from his first two books.

When wannacry ransomeware attacked computers worldwide in 2017, he was intrigued as to why the attackers were asking ransom only in bitcoins. Immediately dismissing bitcoin as a currency of blackmailers/thieves money, he tried to understand the underlying blockchain technology which was also need of hour for his work at office. It was during this technological journey that he understood the true intention of inventing blockchain and bitcoin. Seeing this as a potential game changer of the future, he decided to weave a fictional story around the working of blockchain & bitcoin. It was a dual intention of connecting fiction with technology so that it is accepted by readers and technologist in Kannada. ‘Nigoodha Nanya’ is his fourth book which got a lot of attention, being the first book in Kannada on bitcoin and tech-fiction. Though initially hesitant to publish such a content in Kannada, it was MyLang Books that showed keen interest in publishing Nigoodha Nanya on hearing its synopsis.

Since writing is already a hobby, he hardly gets anytime to pursue a second hobby. If time permits he follows test match cricket and would love to expand his knowledge on literature by reading other authors.

His aim is to always explore the path less travelled whether it’s writing or architectural solutions.