An Odyssey of Seven Notes - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)
Day 2
8:00 pm
Naale Baa

An Odyssey of Seven Notes

Saxophone Lavanya with Rageshri Dhumal (Keyboard), Shalini Mohan (Bass Guitar), Siddhi Shah (Drums), Soumya Sanathanan (Percussion)


Saxophonist Lavanya, Percussionist Soumya, Keyboard artist Rageshri, Bass Guitarist Shalini & Drummer Siddhi … known as the ‘Queens’, come together at the Bangalore Literature Festival to create an atrium of music!

In a concert “Odyssey of Seven Notes”, the band compose an ode to their musical roots. Their repertoire encompasses elements from Indian Classical music; Carnatic and Hindustani; to Jazz, Folk and Popular music.

Composing layers of orchestration in their musical rendering, the feisty musicians offer a unique interpretation to traditional sounds merging it with au courant and avante garde strands.

The signature of Queens is stylistic rendering of diverse radical voices in a harmonious melodic motif.

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