#BLFMeetup - BLF 2014 - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)

#BLFMeetup, Come meet your tribe.

A shared love of books can lead to great friendships. This year, at BLF we want to take a proactive approach in making this a reality for the many voracious readers who turn up at the festival to soak in the magic of books as well as of new friendships over coffee & conversation. 

When & Where? 
26 – 28 Sep | Fri – Sun

Everyday, 3 – 4 PM @ Amphitheatre, behind Stage 1 (Samskara) 

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How is this going to work? 
We will host curated conversations everyday around certain popular themes that will help readers converge, discuss and debate ideas, share their opinions and thoughts on their favourite books and discover a common shared thread that binds them all together. We also want to create an open forum where topical issues within Indian literature can find voice – from the writers’ as well as the readers’ perspectives. 

26 Sep | Fri, Theme: The characterisation of women in Indian literature

27 Sep | Sat, Theme + Event: The novelty of graphic novels

On 27 September, the curated conversation will become something more, a BYOB party. Only this time, the B in it will stand for BOOKS. In collaboration with Barter.li, BLF will host an evening of barter where everyone will get to share a part of their bookshelf with someone else.

28 Sep | Sun, Theme: Blogged Literature