Installations - Bangalore Literature Festival 2017


A door to the poem…
Jayanth Kaikini’s Doors

Multi-media Art Installation by
Prathibha Nandakumar, poet, journalist, film maker

He speaks in metaphors, both in real life and in his works.

A door for him is symbol of opportunity, hope, despair, anger, pleasure and much more. They are not inanimate objects but living creatures!

A backyard door is a woman fixing the hook of her blouse in a hurry, turning her back to the street, with her saree pallu clutched between her teeth. A striking pose if one can picture. Then there is his room door waiting for him to open and step in to dispel the darkness.

Doors for Jayanth Kaikini symbolise the transition and passageway from one place to another, one world to another, one state to another. Can an actual installation attempt to capture the imagery that he creates with words? Can it give an experience of actually feeling the same intensity that the poet felt when he created those images?

The answer lies in this multimedia installation. It is an attempt to bring the spoken word and the visual to meet at a point.

May it open new doors to your imagination!

b.Lore Pavilion

Installation by
Kumar La Noce

Cities of stories of cities, in cities, on cities, within cities; b.Lore celebrates the constellation of stories, truths, ideas that make up the city and its collective consciousness. As part of the 6th edition of the Bangalore Literature Festival, Kumar La Noce will install an ephmeral spatial structure made with casuarina poles and hemp rope that invites visitors to read, write, recite or ‘Speak Out, Speak Up’ within the installation.

b.Lore becomes the carrier of these stories, true, fantastical, cryptic or quotidian, in verse or fragments, drawn or written as it starts accruing literary fragments over the course of the festival.

The structure is freestanding and self supporting, bound together using rope and specially designed steel brackets. The idea is to create a sturdy spatial framework using simple structural and geometrical arrangements, with in-built variations that add complexity. A secondary layer of weighted ropes become the carriers of ‘lore’ – One circle at a time, one story at a time.