Day 1 Live Reports - BLF 2014 - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)

BLF 2014 Reports Day 1

Whose Language is it Anyway?

Panelists speak passionately about the need to preserve and propagate regional languages. Speaking from experience as a civil servant, Ashok Vajpeyi points out the realistic hurdles of imposing Hindi as the official administrative language of India.

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ISIS – Global Terror at India’s Doorstep

The panelists implored us to seek a more nuanced understanding of the causes that lead youth toward organizations like ISIS. Despite facing injustice and oppression, why is it that only a minority take up arms? Why do the majority not participate? How can India resolve the root of separatist insurgencies and begin living as a pluralistic collective?

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Sita-Shadow and Substance

Submissive dame or silent subversive? Panelists and the audience navigate the many colours of and complications with Sita. In the end, it's up to the audience to determine whether she is relevant to today's modern woman.

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Minority Report

A lively session with astute observations from the audience, impassioned arguments from the panel, and perhaps a few suggestions for a more hopeful future.

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Inauguration + Shraddhanjali: Remembering U R Ananthamurthy

The 2014 BLF was inaugurated with a Kamsale invocation to Mahadeva. Highlights of the conversations include explaining what makes the BLF unique and lauding it for drawing attention to the Northeastern states. The inauguration concluded with a Shraddhanjali in the form of a documentary about U.R. Ananthamurthy.

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