Day 2 Live Reports - BLF 2014 - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)

BLF 2014 Reports Day 2

Ballot Box- Polls 2014 and their message

-Melanie P. Kumar

A subject like politics and the ballot-box is guaranteed to attract attention and this is evident from the crowd thronging, “Samskara,” to hear four heavy-weight journalists, including the Moderator, Madhu Trehan. The audience keeps lapping up every …

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A LifeTime in Choreography: Dr. Maya Rao

Interspersed with dance performances, excerpts from her autobiography, and tales narrated by her daughter Madhu Nataraj and Tara Kini - Hindustani classical music maestro, Dr. Maya Rao’s legacy was brought to life on a balmy Saturday afternoon. It was for the first time at the Bangalore Literature Festival that a book on dance had been featured. There couldn't have been a better choice for this hallmark event than Maya Rao: A Lifetime in Choreography.

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e-Kannada: Technology and the Future of Kannada Literature

Far more than technology, the biggest threat to Kannada is its poor adoption, especially among youth. With Kannada currently not being taught in quite a number of schools and colleges, the panelists felt Kannada might as well be declared a minority language. It faces a serious threat of extinction from within.

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Women’s Narratives- from the Personal to the Political

Almost anything a woman does today, whether intentional or not, becomes political. One cannot separate politics from a woman’s life. Women have a choice in terms of the garb they wear: that of a victim, a ninja or warrior, or they can play a game of pretense. Women’s freedoms are being curtailed and their voices stifled but there is hope for a Post Gender Generation where everyone, whether woman or man, will be at an equal standing

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When All is Said: Nayantara Sahgal and Ritu Menon in Conversation with Sunil Sethi

Nayantara Sahgal, born into the first family of Indian politics charts her personal and political evolution, accompanied by insightful commentary from Ritu Menon. Known best for her vehement opposition to cousin sister Indira Gandhi's Emergency, Nayantara reflects on the current start of country and finds comfort in the strong foundation laid by our forefathers. All hope is not lost with the unshakable promise of democracy.

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Tiger by the Tail: Tiger Quiz

Venita Coelho is very angry. Do you know why? Tigers all over are being captured and killed because almost every part of the Tiger’s body is useful, ornamental, and above all extremely valuable in the market. Can you beat the kids at the Tiger Quiz - a test of lesser-known facts about the Tiger’s characteristics?

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Paro to Priya: Namita Gokhale in conversation with Mita Kapur

Namita Gokhale reviews her journey from a controversial first novel to her Kitabnama days with Doordarshan, and attributes the darkness in the Book of Shadows to a particularly difficult time in her personal life. Comfortable navigating the psychic and the mythic, Gokhale inspires on a range of topics in conversation with Mita Kapur.

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India: Crouching Tiger or Gasping Elephant?

By Melanie P. Kumar

Swapan Dasgupta, the Moderator, inaugurates the session by asking whether a literary person has framed the title. Has anyone ever observed the phenomenon of a “gasping elephant?”

One of the panelists, Dr. R. Vaidyanathan suggests the …

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Cinemascope-Screen to Script

Navigate and learn about the process of transforming prose into picture. Should writers pitch to the box office from the onset of the crafting a novel? And where the money really is - Tisca Chopra steers writers toward International TV Series with successes like Game of Thrones and Homeland.

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Karadi Tales

A highly interactive session where you're invited to shop for that perfect tail and must match it to the correct character later.

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