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BLF 2018 Reports Day 2

Whose Lie is it Anyway: #Fakenews

The fact that even the Panchatantra and the Aesop’s Fables have a story about the shepherd boy who cried wolf when there was no wolf, underlines the fact that the phenomenon of fake news is not something ultra modern or …

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The Brahmin

Spies and conspiracies are the most consumed fiction plots. Shrouded in mystery, personality oriented stories fuel our need to vicariously live our fantasies. When two people, one who has lived a spy’s life while the other who has helped many …

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Feminist Rani

The feminist rani is not a phrase simply coined to indulge the Indian audiences. As the co-author of the book named the same, Shaili Chopra says, “the English- Hindi word was constructed to break the notion that feminism is an …

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Women in Conflict Zones

‘Women in conflict zones are not victims’. That was the general consensus among the panellists of ‘Women in Conflict Zones’ comprising of eminent figures like Barkha Dutt, Jasmina Tesanovic, Paro Anand and Rashmi Saxena. The discussions were driven by Humra …

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The Sad State of Indology Today

The first impactful glimpse into the history of India for many of us is from the history books from school. Most of these episodes have been passed on, generations after generations, and were written by the British, which is the …

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Where’s the Body? Crime and Detection


“If you really want to read a country, read its crime novels” – This quote pretty much sums up this intriguing panel that took the listeners to the world of crime and fiction. The panel had diverse representations in …

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Outside Looking In: Eyes on India

India has been seen by the world through myriad prisms for a long time. From the epithet of ‘land of snake charmers’ and mystics to being touted as the next big emerging power, India keeps changing its imagery on the …

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The Paradoxical Prime Minister

This event comes in the backdrop of the launch of Shashi Tharoor’s new book called The Paradoxical Prime Minister. If you ask why should you read a book by an opposition leader for the current regime, then understand that as …

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Shades of Saffron

Saba Naqvi is a journalist turned author and she has also engaged with politics very closely for her role as a journalist. This session was interesting for it covered the present BJP Government in the light of the BJP government …

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