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BLF 2019 Reports

Build YOUR Brand Before You Write That Book!

Brand maven Karthik Srinivasan took an hour-long mid-day session. He is a communication professional with two decades of experience in creating, building, and managing perceptions of brands across agency and client environments. His session was primarily based on how branding …

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Majoritarianism and the Indian Democracy

The evening session started with the introduction of famous Indian Historian, Novelist, and political and social Essayist Mr. Mukul Kesavan. He studied History at St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi and later at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge where he …

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Namdu K Kannad Gothilla Ki Ki

Namdu K is a YouTube entertainment Channel that features Kannada comedy online and offline. Namdu K channel has 73 YouTube videos and 26K subscribers with 11K followers on Instagram. Namdu K was started in 2014 by Shravan Narayan who was …

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Big Little Stories

Novels containing stories larger than life or stories so real that they are hard to believe attract us immediately. But short stories encapsulate a world of their own leaving the reader with memorable charm. The session ‘Big Little Stories’ was …

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Small Town, Big Dreams

Small town, is not just a matter of small town but big dreamers who come out of that with flying colours. Andaleeb Wajid, a Bengaluru based writer who has authored several books on different topics like food, relationship etc. has …

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A Death in The Himalayas

As intriguing the title of this topic of BLF was, so was the discussion of the book ‘A Death in the Himalayas’ by Udayan Mukherjee. Udayan Mukherjee, who has spent two decades working in CNBC was in conversation with Aruna …

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The Story of an Acid-Attack Survivor

Two women, two horrifying life-changing incidents. They don’t give up; instead, they determine to emerge like a phoenix to inform the world about what it takes to rise out of an acid attack and bring back normalcy in life.

Reshma …

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The Endgame

The Yayati stage arena at the Bangalore Literature Festival’19 witnessed a remarkable burst of energy amongst the audience at 12.45 PM as Kunal Basu took over the stage. Kunal, the author of critically acclaimed novels such as – The Opium …

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Putting the ‘Science’ in Science Fiction

So what if it was a peak afternoon in Bangalore at the Literature Festival! At 12:30 PM, the Red Couch was brimming with audience awaiting the interesting conversation between the SriLankan science fiction writer, Navin Weerarante and the award-winning playwriter …

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The Courtesan Project

The enlightening talk given by Manjari Chaturvedi covered the works of her initiative, Courtesan Project. The motto of her project, to acknowledge the ‘Tawaifs’ (female performers at the kings’ courts) as she states in Urdu “unko unki wajood de” was …

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The Ailing Economy: Passing Flu or ICU?

Is the economy in the passing flu, or is it strong? Narayan Ramachandran introduces the debate with this question to the key economists – Dr. Indira Rajaraman, Dr. R. Jagannathan, and Vivek Kaul.


The session proceeded as each economist …

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Savarkar: Misunderstood Messiah?

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar commonly known as Veer Savarkar has attracted renewed academic interest in the country thanks to the highly successful biography by Author and Historian Vikram Sampath. While Savarkar has always been a device for shrill disputes in our …

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The Remains of Liberalism

The stage of Tughlaq was set for a discussion on liberalism by the previous session delving into the history of coextensive rights and obligations and conservatism in India. This session on ‘The Remains of liberalism’ was presided over by speakers …

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Body Sutra

The event commenced on time at the Red Couch venue with an introductory address by Lucy Nelson followed by an extensive talk by Dr. Alka Pande (famous Indian academic and museum curator). Dr. Pande spoke about her literary safari over …

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A Life Told Through The Body

A conversation between Shanta Gokhale, a Mumbai based bilingual writer, translator, journalist, theatre critic, and cultural columnist with Jerry Pinto, a Mumbai based Indian writer and journalist.

There was an immediate comfort between the two panelists on the stage and …

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Looking For Miss Sargam

The session had Shubha Mudgal in conversation with Deepak Unnikrishnan.Shubha Mudgal is a widely acclaimed singer, who has also been a performer, teacher, composer and an author. She has specialised in hindustani classical genre of khayal & thumri-Dadra, a semi- …

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Life and Death of Sunanda Pushkar

Ravi Subramaniam interviewed author Sunanda Mehta about her popular book, ‘Life and Death of Sunanda Pushkar’. It was a great interaction between Sunanda Mehta and Ravi Subramanian. When one thinks of Sunanda Pushkar’s life, the first question that hits …

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