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BLF 2019 Reports

The Indian Conservative

The session started with a recollection of the conversation that  Jerry Rao had with the Chancellor of Asoka University, Rudrangshu Mukherjee. The said conversation centered around the current academic scenario in India with the bombardment of ideologies of the Left …

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Happiness Express

The session flagged off on time at The Red Couch stage with an introductory address by Khurshed Batliwala, popularly known as BAWA – one of the two authors of ‘Happiness Express’ who particularly based his focus on the topmost things …

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Making Sense of Trump

An uninhibited conversation of Edward Luce, an English Journalist and Financial Times chief US Commentator & Columnist with Writer and Editor Keshava Guha.


A conversation about Trump today is so on trend that you do not need to build up, …

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Mind Without Fear

Rajat Gupta having been managing director for almost ten years of management consultancy giant McKinsey, drew from his experience throughout the session and shared insights on how not to get carried away by the result but enjoy the process. Rajat …

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Forbidden Love

Which is forbidden love? Is it Romeo and Juliet’s star-crossed attraction or Khilji’s obsession for Rani Padmavati or the love of those women who explore love outside their own culture? What does forbidden love actually mean? Is it the love …

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Colour Matters

Disambiguation of the persistence of colour and society’s dependence on the same for determining an individual’s thoughts and actions is much needed today. The trials and tribulations of time and history are a testimony to that. Artefacts predating the 20th …

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दोपहरी – Dopehri

One of the first sessions of the 8th edition of BLF begins at the Tughlaq, venue named after the popular play written by Girish Karnad. Who could be more apt but Pankaj Kapur, the eminent theatre personality and a …

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