Amy Singh - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
6:30 pm

Daak to Lahore

Amy Singh, introduced by Preeti Gill


Amy Singh is a poet, podcast host, facilitator, and TEDx speaker from Chandigarh. She uses poetry as a medium of storytelling, activism, and human connection to promote positive social change. Amy runs Cross Connection Poetry – an initiative to bring poetry out into the public spaces and to work with marginalized communities and at-risk children through arts. She founded Daak: to Lahore with love, a letter-writing initiative to promote cross-border peace and harmony. Currently, she hosts Agla Warqa – The Partition podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts where she attempts to turn a new leaf in this book of separation and promote peace and friendship between India and Pakistan. Her initiatives have been featured by The Indian Express, The Tribune, Quint, Hindustan Times, and other news and media platforms.
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