Pushpa Palat - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Pushpa Palat commenced her career as a freelance journalist writing for major newspapers. Apart from regular features she also wrote several ‘Middles’ for the Times of India. Later she moved on to represent a travel magazine and a Hong Kong based travel trade newspapers paper. In recent years she has been a content creator for luxury and hospitality brands and also moved on to writing books.

Her book, “Champ my Favorite Child” was a best seller on Amazon. It is about her pet dog and the proceeds of the book are given to the NGO Welfare of Stray Dogs. Pushpa runs www.fablesrus.com, a free website of mythological stories. She has a long career in journalism having written for over thirty years.

These two writers of such divergent genres, differing styles and unique perspectives have come together to write a story that is very dear to their heart – a book on Parukutty Neithyaramma, the Consort of the Maharaja of Cochin who was Raghu’s great grandmother.

‘Destiny’s child’ is a historical biography on a capable, ambitious and ruthless woman who took on the reins of power in spite of the efforts of the British Government and Princes and ruled a State with singular success.