Ramjee Chandran - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
1:15 pm
Tennis Court

Namma Bangalore: The Soul of a Metropolis

Shoba Narayan with Ramjee Chandran

Day 2
11:15 am

Two Ambassadors Walk Into a Lit Fest

Diana Mickevičienė and Firat Sunel with Ramjee Chandran

Day 2
4:00 pm
The Red Couch

Reviewing Music

Deepa Ganesh, Karl Lutchmayer, Ramjee Chandran with Prateeti Punja Ballal


Ramjee Chandran is host of Explocity’s podcast, “The Literary City With Ramjee Chandran”. He has been a writer and magazine publisher for over three decades. He plays jazz guitar at the professional level and says that he plays chess with unusual mediocrity.