Vaidehi Murthy - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


As a quintessential Bangalorean, the initial part of my career involved paying my dues to the IT industry as a Software Engineer, both in India, and for a year, overseas. On my return from the United States, I bid farewell to my corporate job and took off to the mountains. I volunteered as a teacher in an eco-school called SECMOL in Ladakh. This experience turned out to be immensely enriching, and I ended up gaining great perspective, and greater friends. I also dabbled in Hardware Engineering in a Medical Electronics Company for a couple of years researching state of the art technologies in critical care, and mental health. Next stop, was Vietnam, where I volunteered yet again, as an English teacher in an NGO that rehabilitates tribals in the mountains of Sapa. I’m a traveller by heart, and absorbing cultures and customs is what makes me happiest. I also had a brief stint as a writer for a popular online page called ‘Humans Of Bombay’, and its sister page ‘We The People’. Interviewing over a hundred people, from those living off the street, to bonafide celebrities, it helped me savour the delightful pluralism in our society. Wordplay has travelled with me throughout my journey, and I found that Twitter was a convenient medium to journal my thoughts and express my ideas. I have over 6000 puns on my twitter handle till date, and over 16K wordplay aficionados who follow me. It also landed me my job as the Social Media Content Lead at Dunzo – a hyperlocal delivery app where I was able establish the brand’s tone of voice, and deliver several viral campaigns. I have transitioned into being a freelance Brand Consultant since.I also had the honour of delivering a talk that followed Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi’s when I was invited to the Youth Ki Awaz Summit held at New Delhi in 2019. Although I’ve led a nomadic professional journey, I’ve found that it’s rather fun to make every station a destination.