Anita Mithra - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
2:00 pm
Malabar (12y+)

Stories In 60 Seconds

Anitha Mithra


Anita Mithra combines a 35-year career in Sales, Marketing and Communication with Theatre being the fulcrum.
With overseas work experience, she brings a world view and skills to bridge gaps in language and comprehension across cultures and disciplines.
As an experienced actor and director, Anita has discovered the value in using role-playing as a training tool and has utilized this in her corporate training work in conjunction with various international training organizations such as Peers and Players (Australia) and Bi-Jingo (U.K.) as well as in an individual capacity.
Over the last decade Anita has conducted various open workshops helping non actors to express freely, lose their inhibitions and learn to enjoy the moment. A skill we lose as we get older and busier!
With educational institutions, Anita ran an interschool annual arts festival for many years. The three-month program involving 12 different schools each year, culminated in a three-day play festival and a wide audience with awards and press.