Basavaraj Kalgudi - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
2:45 pm

ಹೇಳತೇನ ಕೇಳ: Listen, I Will Tell You

Chandrashekhar Kambar with Basavaraj Kalgudi


Dr. Basavaraj Kalgudi was born in Belagavi. Karnataka. Professor in Kannada, he has a doctorate in an interdisciplinary subject on Medieval Mystical Poetry and Historical Sense. A scholar of repute, Dr. Kalgudi has published numerous books, research papers and articles in various national and international journals. His important works include ‘A Study of Sathi System’, ‘Mysticism: As a Study of Cultural Problem and Search for New Existence’ and “Concept of Modernism: Study of Major Poets of Kannada”. He has edited eight volumes of complete works of Dr. Kambar. Kannada and Culture of the Government of Karnataka has published them.

He has been one of the few theorists of cultural studies in Kannada. The theories, which he has developed in understanding the philosophy of history, analyzing the medieval literary resources of Karnataka culture, have paved ways of seeing the source materials in a new perspective. He has done research on Siddha and Natha traditions of the medieval period of India.

The students who studied under his thirty years of research guidance, have developed their original ways of looking at the language and literary materials in a non empirical way and creating new social and philosophical aspects of studying the sources.

As the director of Center of Kannada Studies, Gandhian Study Center, and Ambedkar Center, of Bangalore University, many valuable publications on contemporary practical practitioners of Gandhian and Ambedkar ethics were brought out by him. Numerous national seminars were conducted by him as the director of both these centers. Water-man of Rajasthan, Rajendra Singh, and reputed Gandhian scholars like Bhiku Parekh and Gopalkrishna Gandhi were invited to give special talks.

He has participated in many International, National, and State level conferences, and new cultural interpretations of literature have been put forth to give new dimensions to understanding it.

He has won many awards for best books on literary criticism and research works from the state Sahitya Academy, Award of honor from Sahitya Academy, M.M.Kalaburgi award from Government of Karnataka and Award from Shambha Joshi research foundation. He completed his work on Modernism in Kannada Literature as the Tagore fellow of MHRD, Government of India, which is to be published soon. He is at present the convener of Kannada language and literature of the Central Sahitya Akademi.