Deepta Sateesh - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
2:00 pm
By the River (8y+)

Mapping Memories with Monkey Mischief

Deepta Sateesh and Malvika Tewari


Deepta is a design researcher, educator, architect and planner, working in landscapes in conflict. Her environmental practice is focused on creating new pathways in design, education and policy. Her research is primarily situated in monsoonal terrains, particularly between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats of India, and gathers situated practices, movement, and the politics of the colonial eye. Her work draws on design, environmental humanities and philosophy. She is also a dancer, equestrian, cellist, wanderer and photographer.
Deepta’s research practice is framed by embodied understandings, oriented to revealing and generating nature-culture synchronicities, designing emergent participative eco-pedagogies, and framing responsive adaptive everyday practices and policies. She works collaboratively with communities, researchers and young learners, NGOs, and government organizations, to initiate positive change.

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