Divya Shekhar - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
11:15 am
Tennis Court

How the Light Gets In: Stories of India’s Poorest Mothers

Ashok Alexander with Divya Shekhar

Day 1
3:45 pm

Just Aspire

Ajai Chowdhry with Divya Shekar

Day 2
11:45 am
Tennis Court

The Unicorn Quest: India Learns to Start Up

Archana Rai with Divya Shekhar

Day 2
3:15 pm
Tennis Court

Lab Hopping: Women Scientists in India

Aashima Dogra, Nandita Jayaraj with Divya Shekhar


Divya Shekhar is a journalist. She has been writing about gender, climate, sustainability and philanthropy for close to a decade. She is the host of Forbes India’s podcast on books, called From the Bookshelves, where she conducts conversations with authors, business leaders, economists and innovators. She was previously a reporter with The Economic Times.