Indira Chandrasekhar - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
11:45 am
The Red Couch

Celebrating the Arts: Forty Years of the International Music and Arts Society in Bangalore

Urmila Devi Kotda Sangani, Indira Chandrasekhar and Prateeti Punja Ballal

Day 1
1:00 pm

Neverwhere: A Journey into Speculative Realms

Kiran Manral, Manjula Padmanabhan, Sebastien Gendron, Tashan Mehta with Indira Chandrasekhar


Dr. Indira Chandrasekhar is a scientist, a writer, a literary curator and the founder and principal editor of Out of Print, an award-winning literary platform for short fiction bearing a connection to the Indian subcontinent. The magazine, that just published its fiftieth issue, marked its tenth year with a print anthology that was published with Context, the literary imprint of Westland Publishers. The book was first made public at the Bangalore Literature Festival in December 2020. The book was reissued in 2023.

Indira’s primary focus as a writer is prose. As a fiction writer, she focuses on the short form, drawing deeply on her scientific experience working with the subtle complexities of biological macromolecules. Her fiction has won awards and appeared in anthologies and literary journals across the world, and a collection of her short stories, Polymorphism, was published by HarperCollins.

Indira is on the Advisory Committee of the International Music and Arts Society in Bangalore where she is the lead author of a volume commemorating the Society’s first forty years. A member of the Development Council of the G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mumbai, she mentors the organisation’s arts and literature journal, Imprint. She is one of the founders of the recently established platform, Print.Able, that features work by the neurodiverse.