Ipsita Roy Chakraverti - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Known as the ‘Beloved Witch’, Ipsita is the country’s best known Wiccan and an authority on the subject of the supernatural. Long ago, she brought this old knowledge from an esoteric group in the Laurentian mountains in Canada. Not only has she brought a new understanding of the much maligned and misunderstood word ‘witch’ to this part of the world, but she has stood strong and opposed lobbies with vested interests who have tried to use Wicca for their own purposes.
From the time that Ipsita brought the Wiccan movement to India , people from all walks of life flocked to her. Many found a new hope and way of life ,with strength and the old values. Many found succour and relief through her Wiccan counsel and non-invasive healing. Those were the years when she gave of her time endlessly to people. Nowadays, she is more reclusive and does not see people for any kind of consultation.
Ipsita’s books have all been bestsellers and many of her stories have been picturised on television and the silver screen too.
Ipsita is the founder of The Wiccan Brigade, and The Young Bengal Brigade, India’s first academies which delve into the study and research of Wicca and other esoteric subjects.
Ipsita’s daughter Deepta is her daughter-disciple who is following in her footsteps. Ipsita divides her time between London and Kolkata.