Joel Koechlin - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Joel Koechlin, born in France, has lived his entire adult life in India. Trained in photography at the Advanced School of Applied Arts, in Switzerland, he has fostered an unwavering passion for the craft over several decades. Having covered a variety of photographic subjects, extending from architectural & corporate work, to travel & adventure, he has written travel articles and blogs for international and national magazines.
Prompt to embrace all aspects of life, in a perpetual quest for personal development and progress, he is a pilot, a motorcycle enthusiast, a mountain lover and a freelance author. His wife is Indian, and he has two children.
His recent book, in collaboration with Pragya Bhatt, "BEYOND ASANAS – The Myths & Legends
behind Yogic Postures" was published by Penguin Random House India on 21st June.
Among other literary endeavours, he has translated into French the epic poem of Sri Aurobindo:
"THE SUN-EYED CHILDREN" (coming soon) is his first novel.