Madhav Ajjampur - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
2:15 pm
The Red Couch

Changes in Translation and Translation for Change

Madhav Ajjampur, Susan Daniel, Susheela Punitha and Tariq Khan


Madhav Ajjampur is a writer, translator, and academic. His essays, poems, and translations have appeared or are forthcoming in publications including The Hindu, Bengaluru Review, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Midway Journal, Mint Lounge, and Modern Poetry in Translation. He is presently teaching English courses at Chanakya University, a liberal arts university in Bengaluru.

As a translator, his focus has been the magical poetry of Da Ra Bendre – the heaven-touched poet of Kannada literature, whose poetry he has been translating for the better part of a decade. His book, The Pollen Waits On Tiptoe, published by Manipal Universal Press (MUP) in 2022, is a multimedia book of his English translations of selected Bendre poems. He has presented his work on Bendre at several cultural centres, including the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), the Bangalore International Centre (BIC), and the India International Centre (IIC), Delhi.

Madhav has also translated miscellaneous non-Bendre Kannada poetry and prose into English. His translations have been responsible for the Kannada language’s debut in several internationally-known journals, including Metamorphoses, Kyoto Journal, and Modern Poetry in Translation.

Madhav is a graduate in Mathematics from Carleton College, Minnesota. The liberal arts education he received there introduced to him whole new worlds and was responsible for his gradual move away from Mathematics. Nevertheless, he retains an interest in the subject and was, until fairly recently, a Maths Curriculum Designer in the EdTech space.