Mamathi Chari - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
12:00 pm
Malabar (12y+)

Earth Calling, Detectives, Warriors and Scholars!

Mamathi Chari


Mamathi Chari is a pioneer in television hosting, an incidental model and actor, a celebrity radio jockey, an author, an illustrator, a poet, a YouTuber and the creator of Kural MudhalTM. Till a decade ago, she also was a screen producer, director, writer, ad-maker and entrepreneur. She is ever a warrior for animals and earth, a sportsperson and an artist. She is an activist against child abuse and domestic violence; an enabler of education; an organ, skin, limb donor; and a stem cell, blood and hair donor.

An erudite, multilingual thinker and traveller with a Master’s degree in English, Mamathi writes books across genres and languages, for all ages. This year, 2023, has been a bonanza of releases for her. Last year’s debutant ‘The Making of Heroes’, Book 1 of ‘The Adventures of Zoe and Scruffy’, is now joined on the shelves by Book 2 of the series, “The Summer of Heroes”. With them, one will find, “Choices”, Book 1 of ‘The ExtraOrdinaries’. In English alone, these two series appear under the name Maya Spark, a Mamathi Chari avatar.

Mamathi has written ‘The Making of Heroes’ in Tamil too. It is available as ‘Thiralar Aakkam’, Book 1 of the series, ‘Thuppariyum Iniya, Supernaai Chico’.

Also at large in the world are her books based on Thiru Valluvar’s Thiru Kural, for young readers. Available as the series ‘Kuttigal Kural’ in Tamil and ‘Kural for Kids’ in English, she uses various devices of engagement including stories, riddles and experiments to bring each kural (couplet) home. Currently, the first releases of both can be purchased.

Mamathi has bequeathed royalties from the sale of her books, in perpetuity, to The Blue Cross of India, The Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu and the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, Karnataka.

Instagram: mamathichari.mamathistyle and mayaspark2020
YouTube: Mamathi Style
Facebook: Mamathi Chari