Muktha Foundation - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Muktha Foundation is a Bangalore based organisation committed to prevent all forms of abuse and promote mental health. They engage in projects that are aimed towards prevention, intervention, and postvention pertaining to child sexual abuse, bullying, dating violence, and intimate partner violence. They run several programmes to promote mental health as well. They were recently in the news for their national campaign titled ‘Child Safety, National Priority’ where members of organization led by the founder – director of Muktha Foundation Ashwini N.V travelled to all the states and 3 union territories for non-stop 90 days ( Jan1st to April 1st, 2019) and conducted over 150 training programmes for children and stakeholders on prevention of child sexual abuse. They are committed to exploring and devising innovative methods to dialogue on child safety, of which storytelling and puppetry are their recent favourites.