Neena Gopal - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
3:15 pm

Fields of Fire: Conflicts Around the World

Navtej Sarna, Nitin Pai, Talmiz Ahmad with Neena Gopal


A journalist for over thirty years, Neena Gopal began her career in a Bangalore that was the hotbed of post-Emergency politics. Moving to the UAE in the 1980s, she worked for the Dubai-based daily Gulf News where, as Foreign Editor, she travelled the Middle East during and after Operation Desert Storm, the first Gulf War in 1990, covering war-torn Iraq and its neighbours through the Second Gulf War in 2003. Neena’s news-hunting ground has primarily been India and its immediate neighbourhood, both as a foreign affairs journalist and as a close observer of the life and times of many leaders in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Author of the fascinating tell all book, The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, until recently she edited the Bangalore edition of Deccan Chronicle and is neck deep in tracking political developments.