Pika Nani (Deepika Murthy) - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
2:30 pm
Seonee (Lalit Gardens)

The Egghead Detective Agency

Pika Nani (6y+)


Pika Nani is the author of the newly released, The Egghead Detective Agency, an interactive chapter book published by Penguin Random House. Her other popular titles include – ‘The Adventures of Shrilok Homeless’ Vol 1 and 2, a detective thriller set in Mumbai and ‘Little Indians – Stories from across the country’. She also has two published picture books and three of her stories appear in school text books.
She worked as an organisational psychologist for several year before setting out to pursue her childhood dream of being a writer – she still uses the pen name she came up with in her childhood.