Rajesh Jain - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
5:15 pm
Tennis Court

Startup to Proficorn

Rajesh Jain with Sanjay Anandaram

Day 2
6:30 pm

From Reading to Doing: How Books Inspire Entrepreneurs

Hema Hattangady, Mukesh Bansal, Rajesh Jain with Archana Rai


Rajesh Jain is a serial tech entrepreneur based in Mumbai. After completing education from IIT-Bombay and Columbia University, his first entrepreneurial success came with IndiaWorld, India’s first Internet portal, which he sold for Rs 499 crore in 1999. His second success is Netcore, a global marketing technology SaaS company. Both were proficorns, built without external capital. He writes daily at rajeshjain.com.