Roshni Bajaj Sanghvi - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
3:15 pm
Gandhada Gudi

The Flavour Files

Karen Anand, Nandita Iyer, Roshni Bajaj Sanghvi and Sonal Ved


Roshni is editor-in-chief of enthucutlet, a bimonthly food magazine that tells unusual stories about food in India (and sometimes beyond), and has been conceptualized by Hunger Inc. Hospitality which is responsible for The Bombay Canteen, O Pedro and Bombay Sweet Shop.

enthucutlet aspires to tell fun, unusual, heart-warming, and surprising stories in the vast realm of food in India. Organized into seasons like your favourite Netflix show, each edition of enthucutlet delves into an idea that is thought provoking and is at the centre of all the features in it. These are contributed by a diverse set of writers ranging from economists, to neuroscientists, to food experts and everyone in between.
Roshni is a culinary graduate from the erstwhile International Culinary Centre, NYC. She lives in Mumbai and has been writing about food, travel, and design since 2005.
She was a contributing editor at Vogue magazine and her words have been found in Conde Nast Traveller, Mint Lounge,, The Hindu, The Guardian, and Travel + Leisure, among others. She was also a features writer at Sunday Mid-Day, the food and lifestyle editor at Time Out Magazine, a restaurant critic at Hindustan Times and the food columnist at (the erstwhile) Mumbai Boss, and The Daily Pao.
She's crazy about obscure ingredients, and she always knows where to go back for seconds.

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Instagram: @roshnibajaj @enthucutletmag
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