Sadiqa Peerbhoy - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
6:00 pm
The Blue Couch

The Courtesan and the King

Sadiqa Peerbhoy with Sujata Kelkar Shetty


Sadiqa is a seasoned advertising professional who has been the creative force behind the making and sustaining of many Indian and global brands and in the process swept up dozens of creativity awards.Graduating in English Honours from Elphinstone college Bombay, she did a post graduate course in Journalism.Two courses from NYU in Creative writing and Novel writing helped hone her skills.

To keep her sanity in the maddening world of advertising, she took to writing a topical humorous column and has been columnist for three newspapers and has a large fan who still fondly recall her Swalpa Adjust Madi, Myopic View and Sweet n Sour in Deccan Herald, Newstime and Times of India . She also wrote a regular humour column in The Brief….an advertising magazine.

She has eight published books of fiction. Marry Go Round- drew rave reviews from critics and was presented as a play in the Deccan Herald Theatre Festival and later as a play in hindi. Several hundred advertising awards and the experience of writing in all possible genres make her the fluent and dramatic writer that she is.

She has put in months of research in newspaper archives, police and judicial records to get the details of the famous Bawla Murder Case and Mumtaz Begum’s role in it. The MSS—Maharaja Mistress & Murder is not just the story of a young tawaif in her own words but a vivid account of the social and political dramas being played out in Pre independent India between British manipulation and debauched Rajas given to the good life of wine women and song.