SN Sridhar - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
6:30 pm
The Blue Couch

State Matters: Kannada Sub-Nationalism and State Formation

Rajendra Chenni with SN Sridhar

Day 2
1:00 pm

Translating Kumaravyasa’s Kannada Mahabharata

SN Sridhar, Krishnamurthy Hanuru and CN Ramachandran

Day 2
1:45 pm

ಗಮಕ: The Mahabharata in Song

MR Sathyanarayana and SN Sridhar


Professor S.N. Sridhar is SUNY Distinguished Service Professor of Linguistics and India Studies, and Director of the Mattoo Center for India Studies at Stony Brook University, New York. He earned the M.A. degree in English literature and linguistics from Bangalore University with a first class and first rank, and the Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has taught at Stony Brook for 43 years, where he founded the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies and the Mattoo Center for India Studies. With the help of the Indian American community, he has led the establishment of a $7 million endowment for India Studies. The Center teaches 30 courses on India per year.

Professor Sridhar has contributed to many areas of linguistics, including bilingualism, sociolinguistics, second language acquisition, Indian English and World Englishes, descriptive linguistics, theoretical linguistics, and psycholinguistics, He is working on Indian English as a paradigm of bilingual competence.

Professor Sridhar is author of three books: Kannada (a comprehensive reference grammar), Cognition and Sentence Production: A Cross-Linguistic Study (psycholinguistics) and Indina Kannada (“Contemporary Kannada: Structure and Function,”). He is co-editor of two reference volumes (Ananya: A Portrait of India and Language in South Asia (Cambridge University Press) as well as six special issues of journals. He has published over 60 papers.

Currently, as Editor and translator, he is leading a consortium of renowned scholars translating Kannada’s greatest literary classic, The Kannada Mahabharata by Kumaravyasa into English. This bilingual text is being published in four volumes by Harvard University Press in the Murty Classical Library of India. The first volume will be out in November.