Tariq Khan - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)
Tariq Khan


Day 1
2:15 pm
The Red Couch

Changes in Translation and Translation for Change

Madhav Ajjampur, Susan Daniel, Susheela Punitha and Tariq Khan


Tariq Khan works as Lecturer cum JRO at CIIL and Officer-in-charge of the National Translation Mission, a scheme of the Ministry of Education, Government of India. He has obtained MA, MPhil and PhD degrees in Applied Linguistics from the Centre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies, University of Hyderabad. He is also working as the Academic Secretary, CIIL, Principal i/c of Urdu Teaching and Research Centre, Solan and Principal i/c of Northern Regional Language Centre, Patiala. Tariq Khan is serving as the editor of Translation Today and as Associate Editor of Bibliography of Pragmatics Online (John Benjamins). He is a member of the Editorial Board of Springer Nature Social Sciences.

Tariq Khan takes interest in Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Writing Systems, Humour Research, Translation Studies, Lexical Studies and Intercultural Pragmatics. Tariq Khan has published several papers in the discipline of Linguistics and Translation Studies. His publications include the following edited and co-edited books:

1. Alternative Horizons in Linguistics
2. Indradhanush of Ideas in Language, Literature and Translation
3. Queries in the Structure of Language
4. The Interplay of Language, Society and Culture
5. Trends in Applied Linguistics and Language in Use
6. History of Translation in India, and
7. Translation Nation and Knowledge Society.
8. Multidisciplinary Research: The Pedagogical Benchmarks
9. Vaagartha
10. Coalescence

He has also edited lexical resources including Translation Equivalents in Indian languages for several academic disciplines and languages.