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Prof. Trilochan Sastry authors book on ‘The Essentials of Hinduism: An Introduction to All the Sacred Texts’

A book titled, ‘The Essentials of Hinduism: An Introduction to All the Sacred Texts’, authored by Professor Trilochan Sastry, at IIM Bangalore, has been published by Penguin Random House.

In a synopsis of the book, the author writes: “Hinduism is an ancient religion, philosophy and way of life. Unlike other great religions which are based on a small set of books, there is a multitude of text relating to Hinduism, mostly voluminous. They span not merely centuries, but millennia. Most importantly, these ancient scriptures are all in Sanskrit, a language in which many people do not have proficiency. Therefore, for a beginner with an interest in Hinduism, it is a daunting task as one does not know from where to start such a study.” In ‘The Essentials of Hinduism’, Dr. Trilochan Sastry unpacks all the ancient texts from the vedas to the epics covering the entire range of scriptures and presenting the same in an easy-to-read and accessible way.

Dr. Trilochan Sastry is Professor at IIM Bangalore and a former Dean. He did his BTech from IIT Delhi, MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and PhD from MIT. He is the founder of ADR, an NGO that works on electoral and political reforms, and also of CCD and Farmveda that work with tens of thousands of small farmers. He has received various awards for his academic work and work for the society. He has been interested in Hinduism since early adolescence and has lived in monasteries, studied the sacred texts, attended classes from various teachers and visited pilgrimage sites.

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