Urmila Devi Kotda Sangani - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
11:45 am
The Red Couch

Celebrating the Arts: Forty Years of the International Music and Arts Society in Bangalore

Urmila Devi Kotda Sangani, Indira Chandrasekhar and Prateeti Punja Ballal


Urmila Devi Kotda Sangani is the President of the International Music and Arts Society founded by her mother, Rani Vijaya Devi, the sister of the late Maharaja Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar, the last Maharaja of Mysore to rule the state.

Urmila Devi schooled in New York, Colombo, Rome and Delhi when her diplomat father was posted in these cities. She finished school in Ooty and later completed her BA as a rank holder at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore University. Travel and diplomatic life with her parents widened her horizons and she inherited a love of the arts, particularly Western classical music, from her mother, Rani Vijaya Devi, an accomplished pianist, whose family were known for their patronage of the arts.

She worked for several years in the garment export industry heading the liaison office of an American buying agent in Bangalore before she joined the International Music and Arts Society to devote herself to the promotion of the arts. Her other interests are travel, reading and the environment, and she has served as an honorary Trustee of the Bangalore Environment Trust.