Varun Sadana - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
5:00 pm

Young and Single in the City

Ajanta De, Meghana Srinivas, Varun Sadana with Malini Goyal


Varun Sadana is a Co-Founder at, the first-of-its-kind platform that supports the ever-increasing pet parent community with trustworthy veterinary care and a one-stop solution for pet food and supplies.

Varun is an MBA from IIM Lucknow and is armed with a decade-long experience in the FMCG and retail spaces. He has worked with brands such as Hindustan Unilever, Snapdeal, and IBM to name a few. His previous stint was as the Co-Founder and COO of India’s largest fresh meat brand, Licious.

Varun comes with rich experience of building and leading teams across strategy, procurement, production, and sales. His eagerness is contagious and motivates his people to put it their best.
With Supertails, Varun aims to reimagine pet care in India. Along with the team, he aims to bridge the accessibility gap in pet healthcare and create an ecosystem of products and services that make pet parenting smooth and enriching.