Zac O’Yeah - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
12:15 pm
Tennis Court

Hot Stage: Inspector Gowda Returns

Anita Nair with Zac O’Yeah

Day 2
1:15 pm

Mirch Masala: On the Indian Food Trail

Sadaf Hussain, Tarana Husain Khan, Zac O’Yeah with Krish Ashok


Swedish detective novelist and author of the MAJESTIC TRILOGY, which is set in his Indian hometown Bengaluru. Written 18 books including several fiction and nonfiction bestsellers. Travel writings have appeared in magazines such as National Geographic Traveller and Vagabond, and also featured in many anthologies. He has been translated into over 20 languages including German, French, Russian, Chinese and several Indian languages. His most recent book is DIGESTING INDIA. The MAJESTIC TRILOGY is being made into an Indian movie and a European film company is adapting his sci-fi novel Once Upon A Time in Scandinavistan as a big budget Hollywood production.