An Odyssey of Seven Notes - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)
Day 2
8:00 pm

An Odyssey of Seven Notes

Saxophone Lavanya with Rageshri Dhumal (Keyboard), Shalini Mohan (Bass Guitar), Siddhi Shah (Drums), Soumya Sanathanan (Percussion)


Saxophonist Lavanya, Percussionist Soumya, Keyboard artist Rageshri, Bass Guitarist Shalini & Drummer Siddhi … known as the ‘Queens’, come together at the Bangalore Literature Festival to create an atrium of music!

In a concert “Odyssey of Seven Notes”, the band compose an ode to their musical roots. Their repertoire encompasses elements from Indian Classical music; Carnatic and Hindustani; to Jazz, Folk and Popular music.

Composing layers of orchestration in their musical rendering, the feisty musicians offer a unique interpretation to traditional sounds merging it with au courant and avante garde strands.

The signature of Queens is stylistic rendering of diverse radical voices in a harmonious melodic motif.

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