- Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)
10:00 am – 8:30 pm


BeFantastic is a TechArt platform that collaborates with a thriving international community of creators and professionals to explore the boundaries of technology and the arts. Following its inception in 2017 with Bengaluru Fantastic — the city’s first TechArt festival in a public space — they’re back with a pop-up at digital #blrlitfest!

Showcasing two engaging interactive pieces, ‘’ and ‘Whale Tales’, they’re gearing up to host India’s first AI and Arts festival contemplating climate change at Namma Bengaluru in March of 2023. pays homage to the 75th year of Indian Independence by resurrecting the artistic language of the vintage through advanced Deep Learning AI systems. It inserts its audiences into a frame with the legendary, in a style reminiscent of the yesteryear artists who created them. It is a reminder of how the past informs the  present, and how progress, technological or otherwise, continues to stand on the foundations built by our forebears.

Artists: Archana Prasad (India), Hasan S (India) and Sean Blagsvedt (India)

Whale Tales

An immersive audio visual narrative experience, co-written with AI, highlighting carbon sequestration of whales through empathetic game play, using real life whales as main characters.

Artists: Arnab Chakravarty (USA), Nikita Teresa Sarkar (India), Padmanabhan J (India), Sayak
Shome (India) & Uma Khardekar (India)

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