Grrr Grr! Time to Write a Wildlife Poem - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)
Day 1
1:30 pm
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Grrr Grr! Time to Write a Wildlife Poem

Bijal Vachcharajani (8y+)


Sharpen your pencils, pick up your notepads, it’s time to learn about India’s wildlife and become a wildlife poet.

A book reading along with a marathon wildlife poetry writing session. The author reads from her book. This is followed by a showcase of Indian wildlife photographs taken by Radha Rangarajan of Nature InFocus. Children are divided into groups, and alongside each photograph, they write a two- line poem describing the image. At the end of the slideshow, each group would have written an entire poem. Students come up with fun rhymes, witty limericks, exquisite phrases, and learn about the natural history of each animal as well.

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