The Teen Who Writes - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)
Day 1
3:00 pm
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The Teen Who Writes

Vishwesh Desai with Aparajitha Sankar


A 16-year-old with a fierce passion for reading and writing, the publication of his short stories in the Estrade magazine and the 2015 edition of the ‘I CAN’ book preceded the completion of his debut novel, “Shadows of the Northlands”, a fantasy fiction, which also just happens to be the fourth one he started. Vishwesh was thirteen when he began writing “Shadows of the Northlands” and fourteen when it was published.

Vishwesh chats with Aparajitha Sankar on what it takes to write when your in your teens. Aparajitha, a class 12 student enjoys reading everything from graphic novels to gothic romance and lists Daphne Du Maurier and PG Wodehouse as her creative inspirations.

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