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Whale Tales


An immersive audio visual narrative experience, co-written with AI, highlighting carbon sequestration of whales through empathetic game play, using real life whales as main characters.

Considered to be ecosystem engineers, whales circulate essential nutrients throughout the ocean, and help trap massive amounts of carbon emissions from the atmosphere in their bodies. As nature’s very own solution to climate change, their dwindling numbers are an increasing cause for concern.

Whale Tales is an ongoing project that works to bring attention to these majestic mammals and their role in preventing an impending climate catastrophe. Using AI-generated imagery to incite empathy, the artwork creates an interactive narrative for the audience across all ages to engage with.

Taking into account the profound effect that engaging storytelling has in nurturing the sensibilities of young minds, the project employs the narratives of these critically endangered species to nudge people to think about the role of non-human actors in a collective ecosystem. As the project develops, it hopes to incorporate relevant pedagogical approaches in its implementation to complement ongoing efforts to conserve these sublime creatures of the ocean.

This project was developed under the mentorship of Harshit Agrawal during the BeFantastic Together Fellowship (2021) supported by Pro Helvetia New Delhi, US Embassy Singapore & Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore and further developed under the C-Cubed program in partnership with Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai.

Artists: Arnab Chakravarty, Nikita Teresa Sarkar, Padmanabhan J, Sayak Shome and Uma Khardekar

Reading Circles: A theatrical reading of the storybook that leads into a storytelling activity that could involve drawing, colouring and writing about each child’s favourite whale character. Children will listen to stories highlighting the importance of whales in the ecosystem as well as take their creations back home with them.

AR interactions to get a deeper sensorial sense of the story to include soundscapes and movements triggered by prints and the book

Whale Mural: All through the day, children will have a chance to contribute to a 3ft x 6ft Whale Mural by leaving their handprints and a wish for their favourite whale character and the earth.

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