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Trumpian Times

“I grew up in secular America. The distribution of wealth was equal, then. It was a period of enormous wealth and stability. Although the Vietnam war was undoing that stability, it did not particularly affect the middle-class society in America. …

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The Descent of Man

In a short and crisp session on ‘The Descent of Man’ at the ‘Naale Baa’ venue, poet, essayist, and critic Vijay Seshadri was in conversation with author Ranjit Hoskote. The dialogue hovered over and went into the contours of poetry …

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All The Things I Do

“I don’t dream about my parents when I’m in Bangalore”, Vijay quips. He often dreams about them in so many other places but seems to be at peace when in Bangalore. The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, Vijay Seshadri mulled over the …

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