LitMart - BLF 2014 - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)

LitMart Grand Finale: Sep 27 (Saturday), 3 PM –  5 PM at the Bookstore area.

For the first time ever, the Bangalore Literature Festival brings to you LitMart – a forum where aspiring authors will get a chance to make three-minute pitches of their book idea to literary agents, commissioning editors and publishers.

What to submit?
A short proposal of 250 words consisting of the basic idea, a brief background and/or characterisation and/or plot summary along with a sample excerpt of 250 words from the manuscript. Proposals could be fiction or non-fiction in English.

When to submit?
The deadline for submissions is midnight IST on 20th September 2014.

What is the selection procedure?
– Submissions will be accepted only via the submission form
– The jury will select the top 25 entries + 10 entry waitlist and this will be announced on 24th September 2014
– Selected applicants will be required to confirm their presence at the LitMart session at the Festival

The LitMart Sessions for Selected applicants:
– The pitch can be in any interesting format – storytelling, video, slide deck, but cannot exceed 3 minutes
– The pitch will be followed by a short Q&A from the jury/panel
– The jury evaluations and next steps will be announced once all the pitches have been completed

Terms & Conditions
– Only unpublished authors can apply to LitMart
– The Bangalore Literature Festival is only a facilitator via LitMart to connect aspiring authors with literary agents, commissioning editors and publishers. We cannot guarantee and do not promise any publication deals or commercial contracts from the event
– The decision of the jury is final and the Festival does not have any influence on the same

Guess how many words on this page so far? Yes, 250!

“If you can’t describe a book in one or two pithy sentences that would make you or your mother want to read it, then of course you can’t sell it.” – Michael Korda, Simon & Schuster, 1984