Installations - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)

Mix the City (MTC) is an interactive music platform that draws users to explore the music of a region and create their unique music compositions that can be shared online. Mix the City India showcases the diversity of sound, music and cultural influences from country’s 6 cities: Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and North East. Each version of the platform features 12 Indian musicians whose original music samples have been compiled by UK music-producers (Boxed In, Django Django and Anna Meredith, along with Israeli producer Kutiman) into short audio/ video samples. These samples can be combined and mixed up, to compose a soundtrack that the user can share on their social media channels, directly from the website.

There has been a total of six MTC versions so far, globally. Users from over 198 countries have accessed this platform with over 2M reach.

The current Mix the City platform is installed in an auto rickshaw. This installation was made possible through a grant given by British Council to IME. Users do not require any prior knowledge of music or rhythm to explore this platform. It is a fun, intuitive installation that allows you to explore the sounds of your city through its local musicians.

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In Partnership with IME.