Aparna Devagiri - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
5:15 pm

A Woman’s Work: The Personal and The Professional

Anvita Sudarshan, Aparna Devagiri, Anupamaa V, Manisha Mohan Puri with Sajita Nair


Aparna Devagiri is a Bangalore-based coach and researcher focused on Women Professionals and co-convenor of Her Business Is Our Business, a podcast, and platform for women entrepreneurs. Her debut book, “The Professional Woman’s Handbook – Navigating Choices for Success” is full of personal stories that reflect her rich and varied career of more than two decades in the corporate world and the multiple roles she has played in her personal life. When she is not at work, Aparna engages in the study of philosophy, sings, binges on TV shows and movies, and actively looks for the joyful moments in life.