Appupen - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
10:45 am
Adjust Maadi

The Snake and The Lotus: The Many Layers of Graphic Novels

Appupen with VK Karthika

Day 1
3:15 pm
Adjust Maadi

Cityscape: Transforming Public Spaces

Appupen, Giulia Ambrogi, Rouble Nagi with Kamya Ramachandran


Appupen, is a comics creator, visual artist and musician who tells stories from the mythical dimension called Halahala.
Appupen has been creating the mythology of Halahala since 2005 and his first graphic novel, ‘Moonward’ was published by Blaft in 2009. Then came ‘Legends of Halahala’ and ‘Aspyrus’, both from HarperCollins. His fourth graphic novel, ‘The Snake and the Lotus’, is published by Amazon-Westland, 2018.
Appupen launched his online comic series with the popular superhero satire ‘Rashtraman’ and the politically charged ‘Dystopian Times’ in 2015. He is the founder/editor of Brainded India, an arts collective with an agenda.